Once serving as a base for rebels in Sierra Leone’s violent civil war, the trees of the Gola Rainforest tell a very different story today. If you visit here, you may stumble across pygmy hippos drinking from waterfalls, small antelopes grazing with forest elephants. You’ll spot over 1,000 plant species and 600 different types of butterfly.


Left to rewild in the decades since the conflict, the rainforest is teeming with life.

And along the edges of the forest live a community of farmers who protect and care for their remarkable home. No industrialised and extractive farming here - just sustainable, regenerative practices that safeguard the forest and the cacao trees that are a vital part of the rich ecosystem they call home.


They have carried their families and communities through hardship and into opportunity,working with determination and courage to create a new future through sustainable farming.


That’s why when women are given economic opportunities, everyone around them thrives.They’re the ones holding it all together, and making sure it’s shared.

Gola Treasures is born from this place, and inspired by the strength of the women who lead it.

Women who are committed to bringing economic opportunities to their communities, in a way that actually gives back to the planet, too. These women offer a vision of hope for a new way to do business - not just to benefit their communities, but to benefit the world.