Farmed with ultimate care and respect for biodiversity and environment sustainability

You can taste the expertise and heritage in Gola chocolate

You can taste the expertise and the heritage in Gola chocolate. We only use the highest quality sustainably sourced raw cacao beans, farmed on a small-scale in the rich biodiversity of the Gola Rainforest.

Using skills passed down the generations, our suppliers are traditional farmers who receive a premium price as well as life-changing investment in their communities. A sustainable way of life and the continuation of long-held traditions means the forest and its treasures will still be enjoyed for centuries to come.

Guji speciality coffees come from Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee.

We use single origin, Arabica beans in our natural forest and wild coffees, where the beans are grown as nature intended without human interference.

Coffee harvested in this way preserves biodiversity and allows farmers to enjoy a sustainable livelihood.

Wake up to a new day with the best natural coffee and make it a good day for everyone.