A world where everyone wins

A world where everyone wins

Our focus is on impact. Everything we do is in service of our commitment to empower women and advocate for sustainable, small scale farming.

We focus on


We create access to new economic opportunities for women farmers.

We pay above market value prices that reflect the experience and expertise of our partners, and aim to double the income of every woman we work with as a minimum.


We champion sustainable small scale farming

And partner with women who are committed to farming practices that care for the health of our planet.


Through professional support we empower women farmers

with the confidence skills and tools to be leaders, and support them to create economic growth within their communities.


We promise to always pay our suppliers prices that reflect their experience and expertise.


We promise to create opportunities for women to grow their economic means


We promise to invest in women who are serving their communities and the planet.


We promise to champion the action of hope as our most powerful tool for change.