It’s true that most supply chains aren’t equitable enough to support small scale farmers. And yes, 90% of companies’ environmental impacts come from their supply chains.

But we don’t buy into the doom and gloom story. In fact, we believe that hope is our most powerful tool for change.

The same problems that trouble our supply chains today, are opportunities to take action for a better tomorrow.

Making the shift from industrial agriculture to regenerative small scale farming is one of the most impactful ways we can safeguard our planet.

Using sustainable and regenerative practices, with deep kinship to the land they call home, small scale women farmers are showing us there’s a better way to cultivate our food.

We connect these women to forward-looking businesses who are reimagining what supply chains should look like, and who they exist to serve.

Access to opportunities. Hope for communities.

Empowering women farmers with economic opportunities by clearing the way for them to access global markets and businesses.

Hope for the future

Creating opportunities for businesses to access sustainable and ethical ingredients by connecting them to new talent pools of expert farmers.

Access to experts. Hope for the planet.